Hi! This is the short version of me and why I love doing what I do.

The moment in life that mostly inspired me to pursue photography was the day my sister had her firstborn, James. He was 5 weeks early and it was a mix of emotions cause no mom wants to be early with the risks that may come along with it. The first picture of him was one of those "wow...unbelievable" moments as he was so small and so underweight. Thankfully, 10 days later he was healthy with 5LBS put on and he got to go home. Many pictures were taken of James over the first year and soon, I photographed my first wedding. My sister pushed me to make this part of my life and not just a hobby for my memories. I would love to have a small part in capturing your life in those candid, comfortable, your personality moments for you to remember. 

Besides a photographer I am:

A God-loving wife to my awesome, wonderful, God-fearing husband who is an amazing artist -- check out his work. A dog-owner to our Burro who's breed everyone says "A what?". A head high school volleyball coach which gives me the opportunity to become a "mom, sister, friend, mentor" to different female athletes each year (teenagers...need I say more). A lover of cooking all foods and baking goodies -- may post too many pictures of food on instagram (Pinterest has been the best yet worst thing invented). A wanna-be runner but still views running as punishment. A traveler and always on the move -- editing pictures involves standing for me. But most importantly, I'm a person just like you with a unique personality.

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