6 Month: Rylan

The big 6 years old! Little R was definitely a handsome one with his little curls and adorable little smile. He was a brave one as it was a chilly spring day and he preferred staying in mom's arms wrapped up with a blanket. He will understand one day why we just had to get his pictures taken rain, shine or a cold breezy day. 

Family: Redden

This family as a whole represents good health, nurses, great parents and a very happy little boy. Love CJ's smile especially when daddy brought the bubbles out. I am very thankful I got to capture this family and that the weeping willow tree was still blooming for it. The wind hit them at the right times and CJ loved it when he could grab them and pull on them. Enjoy smiling the next few minutes.

1 Year: Miss C

Another little one of my New Beginnings graduated, turning 1. Miss C is growing up so fast and she is such a doll. She loved wearing her tu-tu and crawling and walking with mommy and daddy. Love to see them all grown up but said to know I won't be seeing her every 6 months with my camera. Thankful for being a part of her life and helping capture these memories. 

Engagement: Jason and Erin

Downtown Zionsville is full of unique places of vibrant colors, brick buildings and cute little shops. These two just had a blast together with me walking around. After downtown, we headed to a beautiful little horse farm to take some pics with their pup. Sadie loved getting to run around and make capturing family pictures a hoot. After we got done with the session, the hubby and I stayed for dinner and ate at the famous Friendly Tavern and we loved it. We hope to go back soon and if you are ever in that part of Indy area, try it out!

Engagement: Matt and Jazzmin

IMA gardens and a gorgeous, sweet couple means a perfect day of shooting. The green surrounding was so pretty and the fact that Jazzmin couldn't help but smile when she looked at Matt made it priceless. These two are so sweet to each other and to others. I loved listening about their story of how they met and how when they went on the first date, she told him that she wanted to marry him. She thought that would make him run away fast! But it didn't. He fell for her instantly and they grew together as a couple. I was so happy to be a part of their story and getting to capture them in their engagement session. Their wedding in November will be a very special day.