Senior | Easter

Crazy how time flies. This young lady first met me when she was 14 and I was her volleyball club coach. She was a shy girl at first who just wanted to be the best volleyball player she could be. It has been so wonderful watching her grow into a beautiful, strong willed, determined and passionate lady she is today. So happy for her opportunity to play at the college level in the sport of volleyball and to achieve her dreams. Talk about a secret place...the location for this session was stunning and tucked away where not too many people know about unless they lived in the town of Logansport. Francis Park is the perfect place for a fall session of any type and I highly recommend it. This session captured every essence of her high school life and I am so glad she asked me to do it. I can't wait to watch her play at the college level and to see what she accomplishes in the future. But first, to graduate high school...May will be here sooner than you think.