Wedding | Cobb

Waking up on the day of this wedding to drops of rain, wet ground and muddy puddles was a little nerve racking. However, it did not affect this bride and groom one minute. No matter what the day brought, they were going to say I Do. With that positive mindset, the weather decided to stop at just the right moments for when we needed to be outside. It was absolutely stunning and so beautiful. The location of the venue was on a lake and golf course and even the people in their boats got involved with the celebration. The ceremony was short and sweet and had it's moments of laughs and smiles. The bridal party was a blast to work with and they knew how to have fun and be classy at the same time. The reception was stunning with it's layers of sheer fabric and chandelier as the center piece of the dance floor. The toasts were priceless especially when it involves a gallon of ketchup...yes, a gallon which eventually ended up on the floor spilling. The whole day was full of simple elegance. So thankful for the opportunity to meet this couple and capture their celebration with family and friends.