Wedding | Madren

This was a very special wedding to me. The beautiful bride was once someone who I had the opportunity to teach and coach when she was in high school. Crazy to think that 5 years later I would be capturing Bri's wedding day. It was hard not to cry while looking through my camera capturing their tears, smiles, vows, dances and their love throughout the day. Every aspect of the wedding was beautiful and elegant. The ceremony location was gorgeous with the fountain behind the altar and the wooden cross representing their love for Christ in the center. The bouquet of orchids was the bride's favorite detail and it definitely completed her. The reception table setting was the best one I had seen in a long time. The groom's mom put many hours in each detail and when you sat down for your meal, you couldn't help but feel like you were being taken care of as family. As the bride and groom made their entrance into the reception, they had a special surprise for their guests by showing off their dance moves for all of us. I'm so thankful that God placed such an amazing man in her life. The short time I had with Bri will be remembered for years. Now, I look forward to many more years of her life with the man she gave her precious heart to. 

A special thank you from the bride and groom who had a special hand in making the day run smoothly. Brian Cook (manager of Ross Camp); Sandy Saltsman (Wedding coordinator); Stacey Cunningham (cake); Kevin McCombs (DJ); Rubia's Flowers and Mike Harville (officiant).