Mini-Session | Deyoung

A catahoula and horse loving family that lives on a farm surrounded by nothing but fields of corn. Absolutely peaceful and a dream come true. The country living is the way to go in Indiana and watching the horses interact with the dogs and the cats and even the chickens made this mini-session seem too short. The horse has been part of the family for a long time. He is the girl's best friend as the saying goes and it was amazing to capture him along with the rest of the family. We have a catahoula, so to meet someone else who has the same crazy, human loving type of dog was special. These two work hard at rescuing dogs specifically of the catahoula breed. It was amazing to hear of the stories and to meet two new little puppies they were helping to train and prepare for adoption on the farm. The country makes the best trained dogs if you ask me...they love the freedom and fresh air. I know we do. Hope you enjoy these precious pictures. Hoping it makes you want to get a catahoula dog or a horse. (I'll take a horse...if I only had the room for one)