Senior | Emilie

Besides having the opportunity to coach girls in the sport of volleyball, I also get an amazing opportunity to have this young lady be part of our team and have a huge impact on all of us as a manager. Without this girl, I would have been lost my first year at McCutcheon. Besides her hard working ethic and willingness to do whatever was needed and beyond, this girl is smart, a planner, organizer and a sweetheart. The first year, she was very shy and quiet and a busy first year that there wasn't much time for our staff to get to know young lady. This past season, she began to show her true self and we were happy that she did. This girl has a great personality and a contagious smile (as you will see below). During bus rides and matches, I had the opportunity to hear about what she wants to do in her future and this girl has big plans. Along with being a manger for the volleyball team, she also is the president of the National Honor Society (brains), competes in 4H, volunteers for many different organizations, part of student council all four years of high school, part of drama club and knows how to play the piano. Talk about multi-tasking and staying organized! After high school, she has plans of traveling, studying abroad and enjoying more opportunities to help others in need. A true servants heart and she does it with a smile and humbleness. It will be very sad to not have her next to our staff on the bench the next season but we know she is off to doing bigger and better things. She has a set a very high bar for the future managers of the Lady Mavs. Thank you Emilie for everything you did, do and will do in the future. I know that any one who gets to meet you will leave feeling so much more happiness and passion for life.