Senior | Sophie

This beautiful young lady has a heart of glitter and gold. She loves life and loves to show others pure joy with her beautiful smile and way of making every part of life positive. She is very intelligent and athletic. I am so happy I met her when she was 14 as her volleyball coach. At that time, softball was her favorite sport; but seeing the potential she had in volleyball and loving her team, she soon grown to love volleyball more. It was amazing watching her improve each year at the high school and club volleyball level. As I went from being her coach to being an opponent coach, it was even better seeing her step up in leadership and be a key player that all coaches kept notes on. Besides volleyball, this girl loves people. Genuine, deep down, real love and she shows it to even strangers. Even during her session, as people walked by admiring her she said hello to them and made sure they knew they were welcomed. She was very good at just falling into poses and was a natural in front of the camera. Having her pug and a nice car as part of the session made it even more fun and memorable. Every aspect of these pictures depict her and I still can not believe she is a senior and will be off to college soon. I wish her the absolute best and am excited to see what the future holds for her. Good luck Sophie and don't ever stop smiling!