14 Days of Cuteness | Newborn Photography

This little man was quite alert for his session, but also gave us some moments of sleepy time as well. He just wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing. His mommy and daddy filled the studio space at Second Level Studios with their joy for him. Every moment was filled with laughter as he made some serious moves with his arms and legs before he decided he just wanted to chill. I got to take pictures of him in his mommy's tummy just a couple of months before he was born, so it was so wonderful to meet him and capture him at this precious time in life. Loved his little smirk, his curiosity and check out that full head of hair? Thankful I got to meet him and see the joy on his parents faces while they held him and watched him. 

Thank you to Second Level Studios for the amazing space and a place for families to feel comfortable during sessions. The place is beautiful and can't wait to use it again!