Indianapolis Wedding: Matt and Kimberley

Determined and passionate...these are the words that come to my mind when I describe these two. Matt was one of the first people I met when I first moved to my now home. I was his two sisters volleyball and basketball coach way back when; and little did I know at that time, I would have the opportunity to capture his wedding day to his beautiful, Kimberley. Matt was always the "determined" one in our circle of friends who always had a plan for everything. He even volunteered to plan our spring break trip for 15 people which involved a long, long drive to Florida (YES, 15 of us decided to drive 22 hours to Florida...don't worry, we had a 12 passenger van with us, phew!). 

Later in life, Matt soon had a passion to run his own business and he did it with no if, ands or what if's. He is now the owner of the amazing frozen yogurt place called Pearings located in downtown Indy. His passion to be the best is shown through the beautiful decoration throughout the sweet, chill place. I highly recommend you, right now, get your keys and drive there and try the unique flavors they have. Like, right now! 

We all knew that the woman he would marry one day would have the same determination and passion in life. Kimberley was his perfect piece. I have to say, she is one of the most organized brides I have met so far. I instantly connected with her as she handed me her list of shots she wanted, names of everyone involved and a timeline of the whole day...she made my job so easy! Besides being organized, Kimberely just graduated from college and is now officially a Doctor! Talk about determination and passion. Even with all of that, she still carries herself with a sweet smile that instantly puts a smile on other's faces.

The two of them together full of love for each other, God, their church family and friends could been seen throughout the day. The ceremony was at their home church, College Park, where they placed the focus on the importance of their roles to each other with their relationship to Jesus their Savior as the center of it. The reception was a night of family and friends celebrating in the beautiful Renaissance Hotel with different toppings and frozen yogurt from Pearings to choose from (Erika convinced me to try her favorite flavor and it was divine). The night ended with spectacular dancing from everyone who stepped foot on the dance floor...even the little ones couldn't resist.

The whole day was wonderful and it was especially special as I got to witness one of my friends marry the girl of his dreams with complete peace knowing that she was given to him by God...a precious gift. Congratulations Matt and Kimberley and thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful day!

I love the colors she picked for her day...but I may be biased since green is my favorite color. 

The bride's mom and dad were so cute and you could see not only their love for their daughter but for each other throughout the day as they prepared to give her away to the groom.

Her eyes are gorgeous...Matt couldn't stop looking into them all day!

The original Lafayette mainly Indy crew.

Thank you to everyone who had a part in making their day wonderful. A special thank you to Love's Reel for being a great videography team. Finally, a HUGE shout out to my favorite second shooter and friend to work with, Erika Aileen.