The Proposal | Brian and Liz

The planning...a little bit of nerves (okay, more like a lot)...a little sweat mixed with tears...plenty of smiles all around...and the best "are you serious?!" faces as well. It was such an eventful, happy, emotional day. My best friend was so excited about our "girls" day and night out. She had it all planned. The day at the spa getting our nails done, lunch and pool time with some friends, night out...oh was she in for a real surprise. I wanted to capture every part of the day but I knew if I took out my camera, she would be suspicious. The best part...the nail salon ladies were completely in on it as well and never once spilled. They did such an amazing job not only at our nails but at keeping the secret. If you are in the Indy area looking for a great place to relax with wonderful staff, check out  Body Works Day Spa

Brian did an amazing job at planning everything. Not only did he plan the proposal, he got family and friends together for a lunch to celebrate afterwards and it was priceless watching the joy spill out from the two of them. Thank you Brian for allowing me to be  apart of one of Elizabeth's biggest events in her life. Watching from a far and capturing the moments through my camera was such a blessing to me and I can not wait to stand next to the two of them on their wedding day as they become husband and wife.


She seriously had no idea what was happening. This is where the "Are you serious?!" phrase began!

Seeing the camera for the first all the surprises.


Love both of them and am so happy for them! Could not be any happier for my best friend. It only gets better from here and marriage is amazing! The wedding will be so special watching them as they commit before God their love for each other and make their vows to live as one with Christ in the center of the marriage. January will be here so soon!