Engagement: John and Laura

The windy city…such a beautiful place full of people everywhere and gorgeous sites to take pictures. SO, when a friend from high school calls you and asks you to photograph their wedding and that their engagement shoot is downtown, you can't help but smile and squeal a little bit cause let's be honest…the country is great but a city is amazing and something wonderful.

John and I went to the same school for elementary and high school. We went to a very small school so everyone knew everybody and we all hung out as one large group. I was so happy to hear that he found his girl, the one and she is a fabulous person, beautiful inside and out. Laura teaches music at the high school we went to and plays a mean violin. I first met Laura at a wedding I was shooting 3 years ago and she was the violinist for the ceremony. I didn't even know she was dating John at the time (small world). 

These two love the city life and it was such a joy to see the city through their eyes. My favorite part of the session was definitely China-town. It is where they go to a lot and they recommended my husband and I this great place to eat after the session and it was so yummy. If you ever need a day to get-away, head to the windy city and especially visit china-town…you will love it!