1 Year: Miss I

Little Miss Isla is such a doll. Her parents are wonderful, sweet people and she just fits right in the family with her contagious smile and laughter. Even her little sad face is adorable and only lasts for a minute or two. She turned 1 and she was very excited to put on her little dresses and be in front of the camera playing outside. She twirled, ran, skipped and fell but all with a smile on her face. She was very curious with the camera and liked to point and look at it with her wondering eyes to figure out what it was. She is a daddy's little girl and giggles the whole time he held her...probably due to the tickling. She held on to mommy tightly and didn't want to let go. This family is the sweetest and I loved that I got to capture them celebrating Isla turning 1. Happy Birthday precious Isla and know that you are loved by many.