Engagement: Alex and Brooke

Getting to listen to the way a couple met and fell in love is my favorite part of the client meeting. This couple had an amazing story and what was extra special...they requested their engagement session to replicate what happened and I WAS SO EXCITED!! (in all caps to show how I reacted when they told me) These two met at Sgt. Prestons -- an amazing little restaurant downtown Laffy known for its food but especially for a place to hang out. They both were there just chilling with their friends and Alex noticed Brooke from afar and knew he had to say something to her. His pick up line? "Do you smell something? Cause I'm smelling you!" ...yeah, I know...but it worked! Brooke laughed and soon they were on their first date. During this first date involving driving Alex's big truck, a cop pulls them over for speeding. This would be a date they would not forget. You would think it would have been the worse date but it wasn't...the cop gave them a warning! This was something they would never forget...and capturing a reenacting of it was fabulous. Thanks to our friend Austin who is a cop and was willing to be in the pictures. This was a fun session and you could just tell they both were loving reliving the moments by how they looked at each other and smiled and laughed. It was like I wasn't even there...which I prefer. Of course, they had to end the session in their favorite team jerseys...yes, they don't cheer for the same team so football nights are the best. Thankfully the season isn't year long. Love is amazing and meeting couples who share such sweet, hilarious and wonderful stories with me is a blessing for me.