Wedding: Lee and Shalon

In the small town of Remington, IN lies a beautiful little historic house that was just perfect for this small, intimate wedding. The elegance of the Victorian style furniture, wall paper and rooms fit perfectly in what the bride and groom wanted for their wedding. These two met during their high school days and wouldn't find each other again until almost 15 years later. Such a history behind their story just like the history found throughout the Wolcott house. For their ceremony, they did the "planting of a tree". I have never witnessed this before at a wedding and it was so wonderful to capture it. The idea of their lives becoming one represented by the pouring of the soil and the seed growing over the years to create a firm solid tree is such a beautiful representation of a marriage. Picturing Christ as the center, the tree firm in its roots and their lives as the limbs and leaves reaching out but staying attached and close to the roots. After the ceremony, there was lots of celebration and fun over at the Buckle where their reception would be the first for them. It was packed with family and friends and lots of dancing and celebrating. Congratulations Lee and Shalon! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day and capture your memories.