Wedding: Alex and Brooke

"The one picture I want you to make sure to capture is a shot of our rings with nails through them to represent Christ in the center of our marriage". This was the request from the groom...which is rare to get any from them. Knowing that this was the utmost importance to them was a blessing. He had it right and he knew that was the core of their marriage...Christ. Brooke is breath-taking gorgeous and Alex knows it. She is so sweet and her boy, Rylan, is a sweetie too. He made sure to take extra care to help Alex get ready and be ready for the big day of his mommy marrying her best friend. From the blue sneakers to the sparkly heels, this small wedding was filled with class and some fun at the same time. Lots of happy tears were shed throughout the day and more laughter than anything as everyone celebrated. Congrats to Alex and Brooke and Rylan. Thankful we are in the same ABF and will get to know each other even more.